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David E. Mickey is a distinguished executive who has used his acumen in project management, business reorganization, and sales to guide some of the most innovative merges between finance and technology on the market today.

David’s career all started with his desire to study finance at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating from The Red McCombs School of Business with a BBA, he returned to his hometown of Buffalo, New York, ready to enter the financial services industry. He was offered the opportunity to become a management trainee for Marine Midland Bank (now HSBC Bank), and the experience allowed him to view the back office collections and operations of everything from corporate or small business lending to automotive financing.

Although he was technically labeled as a business manager, David E. Mickey worked on major projects that affected the company’s external processes as well as internal; for example, he worked to downsize and automate the finance department and move the organization from New York City to Buffalo, saving money which was then applied toward new technology. David finished his management training with the number one spot in his class, excited by his new insight into the “backbone” of the financial services industry. From this point forward David began to work on many high-level projects.

In 1991, David E. Mickey joined M&T Bank. He developed the retail bank’s branch contribution system, which allowed the heads of the bank to determine the profitability of each branch and from there evaluating proper financial compensation for managers and contributors. After that, he was responsible as the Manager of Planning and Reporting, where he oversaw company-wide reporting of business practices and their subsequent development. Three years after joining M&T David’s professional career at M&T Bank evolved into sales, and he became a Senior Financial Consultant for First Niagara Bank and M&T Securities. For the next ten years, David built tailored plans for individuals, providing investment and insurance options to them.

David was an integral figure in the development of First Niagara Bank, starting out in sales management and then focusing on major businesswide decisions. He made executive decisions on whether to use internal or third party broker-dealers, analyzing a series of RFPs and ultimately overseeing a major third-party broker-dealer conversion from Uvest to LPL Financial. He also designed and built out the operations department to reflect an organization that had tripled in size, supporting 100 advisors and 300 licensed brokers. During his time with First Niagara, David directed the asset and personnel conversion of numerous banks, including Harleysville National Bank, Alliance National Bank, HSBC Upstate New York, and National City Corp. He upgraded Niagara’s commission system and oversaw a series of acquisitions that extended from Pennsylvania to Connecticut to New York.

Now, David is an Enterprise Sales Executive at Docupace Technologies, a premier provider of electronic processing solutions for financial services firms. His experience in operations management and his forward-looking business sense drive his devotion to more efficient, electronic, and ultimately infinite management systems.

Outside of his work in finance and technology, David E. Mickey has been active in United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, a social services organization. He participated in events such as the Day of Caring, in which volunteers would help people of all ages; in the past David has helped tutor young students, work on school maintenance projects, and organize social events for elderly people in nursing homes. David E. Mickey also enjoys spending time with his four children.

Please visit David E. Mickey’s other websites to learn more: DavidEMickey.net and DavidEMickey.org. Also, please find him on Twitter, Medium, and Crunchbase.